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If you are looking for an escape from the busy city life or just in search of adventure and experiences, then the Old Smiddy Guest House is the ideal retreat.

In place of the nightclubs, pubs and large shopping centres are the picturesque white sandy beaches with breath taking views of the northern Highlands reaching to the clouds. 

With the areas stunning landscapes, seascapes, flora and fauna Wester Ross is a haven for wildlife. On the coast you have the Seals sunbathing on the rocks to the Otters swimming and enjoying the sea and freshwater burns. The coast also boasts a large variety of sea birds so binoculars and a bird book might be something worth bringing along.

There is all types of sea life including the popular Dolphins which visit the west coasts often and can be seen jumping and playing. 

But keep an eye out for the Golden Eagles and White Tailed Eagles you may see soaring effortlessly overhead.

There is also a huge variety of walks, ranging from a gentle stroll along one of the many beaches to a days trek over the Munros for the more experienced.

The area really is a photographers paradise, and any artists who visit will never be without inspiration.


Where we are located makes us a great central point for those wishing to stay longer to explore and experience Wester Ross. And even from our own garden there is the spectacular scenery and a wide variety of wildlife that comes to visit our feeders. The shy Great Spotted Woodpecker is always a nice surprise visitor to the Old Smiddys garden. 


But Wester Ross is not only a home to spectacular scenery and nature, it is also rich in history both ancient and modern. This can be experienced by visiting the many local monuments and museums.

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